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    The History of Neon

    The History of Neon
    Current status: 20.03.2014

    Neon, whereby you actually have to say NeoN RpG here, has been founded at the 20th of March, 2008. Firzen and Fl@sh founded NeoN RpG out of some SA-MP project, which was known for its high order of reality. At this time members like Tjong and Merlin already formed the server together with its founders. Back than, NeoN RpG was German only and accommodated enough space for all German speaking SA-MP RPG addicts.

    But soon NeoN RpG was not enough for the people of NeoN. Sections like NeoN UnlimiteD (Test Drive Unlimited), NeoN IV (GTA IV), NeoN PortaL (Portal), NeoN GeneralS (Command & Conquer Generals) and NeoN SpeeD (Live for Speed) came and go. In this time Neon got formed to NeoN GaminG, which concentrated on playing several games together, in other words: multigaming. Also several SA-MP RPG projects of NeoN GaminG came and go, which failed soon after their release.

    After the release of MTA 1.0.0 NeoN RacE got founded by Firzen at the 6th of September, 2009. The race gamemode was steadily gaining popularity in the Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas multiplayer scene and so it did in Neon GaminG. Back then NeoN RacE became NeoN GaminG's most successful section and offered every racing addict a home. The first time in NeoN GaminG's history, the clan got a multilingual section and the first speakers of other languages joined the community.

    NeoN RpG (led by Sebihunter) then got reopened at the second birthday of NeoN GaminG, this time on MTA basis. Lots of stuff has been learned from these first steps in the role-play sector of MTA. Despite some mistakes that has been made, the server had a good reputation in the German MTA scene.

    NeoN GaminG also had a Garry's Mod server called NeoN LifE, which concentrated fully on role playing with the mentioned game. This project got scrubbed after some weeks, to fully concentrate on MTA. By a fortunate coincidence in this time some members found out about the now popular indie game 'Minecraft'. The game became increasingly popular and caused a lot of fun for our community. It became a still existing empty section, that is still in use for collaborative adventures and building sessions from time to time.

    One week before NeoN's third Birthday, at the 13th of March, 2011, Tjong released NeoN FuN, the famous MTA server with several different gamemodes for all kinds of preferences. Sumo Survival, Sumo Move, Haystack, Tron, Gungame and if nothing else, Neon Ware, just to name some. The huge variety of gamemodes became Neon Fun's signature feature and brought the section a huge popularity. Tjong's ideas amazed the people from update to update and brought Neon a significant upturn.

    In September 2011 a few regulars left Neon to create a own clan. With that Neon lost not only the last people that worked on a serious RPG project, but also members that were there since Neon existed and even before that. People came and people went in Neon's history, that's the way things go, even in a multigaming clan.

    After several new gamemodes for Neon Fun, one sticked out the most. Carball, which got released in July 2012 was the first official gamemode of it's kind in the MTA scene. The gamemode avails itself of the basics of football, the most favorite form of sports of mankind, with a striking difference: the actual players are cars, or being more specific, Sandkings. This idea was that popular, that the huge amount of players that asked for a own gameserver gained one at the 29th of December, 2012.

    But then Neon experienced a veritable, proverbial gap for nearly a year. Besides some smaller updates for the Fun and Carball server, nothing really moved forward in Neon. The members and users kept themselves in a good mood by making events and playing different games together. Being realistic, Neon came to it's actual spirit: multigaming. Different games got played together in this time like ANNO 2070, DayZ, Battlefield 3, Counter Strike : Global Offensive and good old Minecraft, just to name some.

    But in that time the scripters and section leaders were not idly. They worked hard on a long planned project everybody knows today as Neon United. Released under Neon's completely forgotten slogan "Infinite Variety" at the 31st of January, 2014, today it's Neon's most successful project. The boundless possibilities of the script allows us to extend it with as much gamemodes as wanted.

    But what does the future hold? Neon is now 6 years old, while you actually have to say young here and the old sections, Neon Fun and Neon Race are history. The United section will continue growing and starts with a huge amount of gamemodes really soon. But about the remote future? Only time will tell.


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