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      Information regarding clubs


      What are clubs?
      Clubs are various teams that formed in the carball gamemode, mostly because of tournaments. Because there is so many of them, we decided to give them a place in our forum, where they can write down the information about them. They can also announce matches (battles) between each other in game. More features are yet to come (even in-game). By making your own club thread in this forum, your club becomes an official Neon carball club.

      Who can make these clubs?
      Anyone can make a club, but to make it an official Neon club, they need to make a thread about it in "Clubs" part of the Carball management. The club needs to be confirmed by the Carball Manager.

      Why would I want to be in a club?
      The most important reason would be the tournaments. You don't need to look for a team to play with, because club members form teams (which usually take up most of the tournament teams). People in a club share the same club tag and other carball players should not wear it. Another reason would be "club battles ". All clubs can challenge each other to a in-game "battle", to finally prove who is better! There will also come other cool in-game features in later script updates.

      What to include in the club thread?
      The basic design is up to you, but it needs to include an updated memberlist. Everything else is not needed, but you may include the club leader, countries, contact informations, ect... You may also request that new members make applications for your club in the thread, but it is not needed - it's all up to you.

      Other questions?
      Reply to this thread.

      Example club thread

      DOE CLUB

      This is the official Doe Club thread. Welcome and feel free to ask us for a club battle!
      To join, ask us in-game. :allthethings:

      Name: Doe Club
      Official tag: [DoE]

      John Doe (Leader, England :flag-gb: )
      Jill Doe (Nepal :flag-np: )
      Jack Doe (USA :flag-us: )
      Alenka Doe (Slovenija :flag-si: )
      Stephan Doe (Germany :flag-de: )

      See you in-game,

      Rule change

      Have fun and see you in-game! :neonmg:

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      I would like to discuss some rules concerning the clubs ( a discussion so no need to flame or hate whatever).
      Some rules i thought would fit (disagreeing is natural that is why i call it a discussion):
      1) a player can only be in one team but can change (transfer) to another.
      2) a maximum of players (i suggest arround 8, this because matches are 3 vs 3 and having anymore than 5 players who cannot always play is just too much imo), but this is a number i thought was right but some might want it to be 6 or 10 or idk..
      3) A club should only have 1 or 2 teams. So for example, no orange1 orange 2/orange 3. only 1 team for every club might be a bit to low if most clubs have arround 5/8 members so that is why i thought 2 would be a nice number and no more.

      This way we can avoid mass invites by some clubs who will just make carball have only 4 clubs or so, which i think would be a waste.
      well, it depends I think.. for active teams they can do with maybe 6-8 players but for example neon casual could do easily with 12 members since they probably won't be playing all the time.. I agree to a 2 team limit per club but then I would recommend a higher player number. I think some clubs might want to play in the big arena 5-5 etc... anyway: good thoughts :bean:
      rule 1 I agree to 100%
      Why would we ever have 11 members in it?
      Velo, fabian, tjong, race are already in their own club so it's not like everyone is in casual.
      Plus there are not that many active people and i dont see the point in having a club with that many players.

      And if they want a 5 vs 5 for example, the points they receive should be given in a different competition then from a 3 vs 3 one.
      The problem is that X is currently mass inviting people to be fair. I don't know how much they've got, but for a League you'll only be allowed to put 2 teams in it, because otherwise the whole idea of a league is gone, so for clubs, would be fun if we have different ones, just for the competition so I'd support Ironorange on that. A club should have maximum 8 players and no more, this to keep it fair for other teams and not pick all the good ones away.
      There would be only one club-team? Like... only one #S team for example, not Alphas, no Betas (that's how I understand it).
      And that team surely must have a limit... like in Champions League, there is limit of players that have license to play(25 in this case). But I can't clearly understand - for that league, are players allowed to make 2 teams out of 1 club(Team #S Alpha and #S Beta again for example)?

      Race wrote:

      There would be only one club-team? Like... only one #S team for example, not Alphas, no Betas (that's how I understand it).
      And that team surely must have a limit... like in Champions League, there is limit of players that have license to play(25 in this case). But I can't clearly understand - for that league, are players allowed to make 2 teams out of 1 club(Team #S Alpha and #S Beta again for example)?
      I guess we have to otherwise we'll not have enough teams to play in the League, or if you guys like to play with 1 team, I don't mind, but I guess we don't have enough clubs for that yet?

      It's what you guys want, In my opinion it would be smooth to have just 1 team, because then you don't have to problem of people not being there when you want to play if you have a large group of course.
      You have just snakes as a club and snakes alpha and beta as the 2 teams. And no delta as a third as that would be too much.

      Barb you are only against it cause you mass invited players.
      Having 8 people in a club, you can make 2 teams with both teams having a reserve. Even for 4 vs 4 matches you have enough for 1 team and maybe 2.
      Also this will avoid mass inviting like you did which just makes it harder for other team to evolve and harms your own clubs reputation (which it did).
      Why would you need more than 8 players?
      Tournaments wont allow more than 2 and i hope the competition wont either.

      And barb i have no idea what you tried to say...
      People cannot always come but no one said that the matches would be scheduled or decided upon by others instead of the clubs themself. Plus you still have a reserve.
      I also advocate a maximum of 2 teams allow a club, but how many a clan member has should not matter and there is still enough good players without clan and who says that I massively invite people. I'm not against a clan with 20 people to have if you think that
      >> Community Member <<
      What about letting the club leaders organize their club however they think it's good and fun for them? :bean:

      If a club allows its members to be in other clubs, why not?
      If a club wants to have 100 members, why not?
      If a club wants to organize 50 teams, why not?

      If you say two teams per club per match they'll have to solve that problem and not you (the organizers). Clubs with many members and/or teams could then profit from the fact that their members can be part of other clubs and play for the other club, if they have no space for them in their participating teams.
      In addition, letting people organize themselves in such a flexible way is important for online matches, because online events always depend on high flexibility as their priority is usually rather low (lower than any physical life events and so on).

      This club thing is kind of new now. I'd recommend letting the people experiment with it. They're going to find out the optimum on how to organize a club and its teams. Make your rules for the events and leave the problem of club/team compatibility to the respective leaders.
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!
      Then they don't need to.
      But if you participate in a tournament or the like I think it's normal that you don't get to choose your opponents. If you don't like them you'll probably have to quit it.
      I still don't get why this should not be a decision of every player for themselves.
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!
      Why would you care about clubs at all as a tournament organizer? Just let teams apply, no matter for which club they play.
      If all players split into three clubs, then they do that for a reason and it's the way they want it to be, otherwise they do it another way. However, I don't think there would only be three clubs or generally a bad team-club-relation.

      In general, if you restrict things, you have to give the people a good reason they can understand, otherwise they will have less fun or even get angry about your rules. Doing something because you think it's more fun is a bad reason, because it's not an argument, but an opinion.
      Let things grow naturally and then add restrictions after they have clearly proven to be bad in some way.
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!