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    Clubwar Challenge

    Dear Carball players,

    A club can become an Official Neon Carball Club when a thread with its members is created here. The main purpose of it is for collecting teams (clubs) faster - for tournaments and leagues.

    You can now challenge other Neon Carball Clubs for a Clubwar, which would be
    OFFICIAL. It means that all the results will be written here in this thread when a clubwar is finished. The requirements are not many.

    Have your club registered as an official one
    Create a thread in this section similar to this:


    Name of my(our) club:
    Club tag:
    Rules: Create your own rules


    Source Code

    1. [color=#006400][/color][shine=green][color=#008000]Name of your club[/color][/shine][color=#006400]:[/color]
    2. [color=#006400][/color][shine=green][color=#008000]Name of the club you are challenging [/color][/shine][color=#006400]:[/color]
    3. [color=#006400][/color][shine=green][color=#008000]Club tag[/color][/shine][color=#006400]:[/color]
    4. [color=#006400][/color][shine=green][color=#008000]Players[/color][/shine][color=#006400]:[/color]
    5. [color=#006400][/color][shine=green][color=#008000]Rules[/color][/shine][color=#006400]:[/color] Create your own rules
    6. [color=#006400][/color][shine=green][color=#008000]Date[/color][/shine][color=#006400]: [/color]

    Write a FINAL RESULT after the Clubwar
    You must appoint a referee (member of Neon for example).

    There are no specified rules, you can make your own as long as both clubs agree to them.

    As I already said, a final result is needed. It does not matter how you make the clubwar. It can be like this:
    3 matches and you collect the result, or 1 match with 1 result... the way you want it. A list will be made at the bottom :bitchplease:


    X 16 : 3 Legacy - 14.02.2015; 2 matches

    The Snakes 13 : 3 The Red Sharks - 04.06.2015; 2 matches

    Legacy 16 : 18 Upper Class - 06.06.2015; 3 matches

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