The Sims 4 - What happened to the Sims?

      The Sims 4 - What happened to the Sims?

      Fellow gamers of Neon,

      I feel the urge to express my thoughts and feelings about the newest part of the Sims series, Sims 4. If you don't give a shit about the Sims at all and/or never played it and don't plan to play it either the following might be very uninteresting for you. Just a warning.

      I've been a fan of the Sims series since the very first part, The Sims, which has been created by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts in 2000. It was something new and grew to a huge thing, although it was in isometric pseudo-3D (everything was just displayed using one of one to four images depending on the camera rotation, whereas there were only four angles) and more or less a virtual doll's house.
      It allowed you to build fancy stuff and let fancy people live in it. It was completely up to you whether you wanted to play serious or just kid around. A long time, probably because it was a completely new thing and there came expansion packs out from time to time, I personally had a sufficient amount of fun just playing seriously as it was supposed to be played.

      After long time of playing and getting more and more out of the game and its expansion packs' neat features and secrets the average player had already accumulated a list in their head with things the game was really lacking and that would really make the game much cooler. Some game mechanics weren't good, e.g. social interaction was just too static and repetitive, builders would've loved to be able to build more than two floors, players just wanted their Sims to grow up after a while. Features the first part of the Sims lacked. The graphics could've needed an upgrade as well.

      Sims 2 was a sunrise-like world-changing awesome thing as it was released in late 2004. Proper 3D graphics, lots of mechanic improvements, a really cool building engine that could even be extended with a few cheats to get even more out of it - they just added everything a Sims player missed in the first part. Of course the base game couldn't contain as much content as the Sims 1 base game with all its expansions, but they managed to provide a good amount of usable stuff.

      Unfortunately, the Sims 2 aera also was the time things started to change. EA stopped making games for their customers, but started to focus on quick and cheap profit. Sims 2 wasn't that much affected by that yet, but they invented the stuff packs that just contained new objects and didn't add game mechanics (like the normal expansion packs did). IMO they were kind of overpriced. The price had no good relation to the amount of content.

      With the Sims 3 they really achieved an even more improved Sims world. The world was now open, while playing you were not limited to your lot and the rest was flat grass. The Sims got deep characteristics and individualizable physics. With the create-a-style-feature you were even able to recolor (mostly) ANY FUCKING THING to ANY FUCKING COLOR and even apply materials (wooden TV, steel toilet, all possible).
      What bothered me most about Sims 3 is that it still contains annoying and intolerable bugs (TODAY, this is the actual presence), is quite expensive and I got the feeling that they moved interesting or good-looking things to stuff packs to let players pay twice. E.g. you can do gardening since the base game, but you'd have to PAY MONEY for a gardening house set (which was included in the Sims 2). And even more annoying: The whole game is flooded with SHARE-ON-FACEBOOK and BUY-ADDITIONAL-OBJECTS shit. At least you can disable that, but it's enabled by default. I mean if your Sim finds a stone you can share that on Facebook :wat: .
      Still, if you lay bugs and overpriced shit aside, Sims 3 is an awesome game with lots of stuff to have fun with, explore, etc.

      I think, if you played some Sims, no matter which part of the three, or even all of them, you'll agree with me in what I just wrote. Now since a month or so Sims 4 has been released. Apart from that I wondered what they want to add to the game to make a fourth part stand apart from the third one I was also curious about exactly that.

      I don't own the Sims 4 and - heck am I glad about that. It's € 60 to 70 (!) on FOR A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Back in my time when I bought GTA SA for around € 60 (or even less) I got two factory-new DVDs, a map with a poster on its back AND A FUCKING BOOK. Not a booklet, a BOOK. Today you get a link and you'll be forced to use TWO badly programmed EA launchers (Origin and the Sims launcher).

      I'll show you a video after the next paragraphs. Feel free to watch it first and then read my text or vice versa, it doesn't matter. The video was made by a YouTuber I really like, because he makes high-quality stuff with much comedy and yet information and content about games.
      He also made (up to now) two or three Sims 4 videos and this is his first, which is my only reference for Sims 4 so far (although I looked into a video from Gronkh as well). It's sufficient though.

      Although it is NOT a Sims 4 video meant to be negative (he actually seems to like it), I've had a lethal dose of what-the-fuck-moments when watching it. Be prepared for that, if you know the Sims series.
      It appears they have added a few really cool things to the Sims that were not really necessary IMO, but enrich the game somehow. Therefore they just threw away like 95% of everything good they have developed during the last three parts of the series.

      The first thing is the menu, which appears to be oversimplified. Simple is not bad, but it's so simple that it simply is unable to hold even 20% of the features the Sims 3 offered. Sims has always been a deep and complex game. The Sims 4 menu looks like having been made for mobile.

      The Create-a-Sim-mode appears to be nice for people that don't like to go into physical detail. It's as if you want to color something and you get a color palette, but you don't get to just set RGB values and the pixel you want to color, but only an unprecise pen and that color palette. Not my thing. Apart from that it looks quite good.
      However, if you see a few other Sims in the game you may agree with me when I say that they all look as if they just came out of a Disney soap opera. It's just so focused on making all people look perfect. Not that the older Sims parts haven't had that, but in Sims 4 it appears extreme to me.

      I won't comment on the world map here. You'll have to look at it yourself in the video or Google it (don't, if you want to watch the video and get that awesome what-the-motherfucking-hell-hitler-nazi-devil-shit-urgghghehgeghh-i-die-moment). It's the most disappointing thing I've seen this year concerning game development, at least if you know how it evolved from Sims 1 to Sims 3.

      After moving into a house you get to see some of the new and cool things about Sims 4. But you may probably also notice that the whole Sims world also looks like made by Disney.

      I leave the rest of the content to the video and the rest of the impressions to you.
      For me what I saw about Sims 4 is the biggest disappointment in the whole Sims series. I could not imagine it to be that bad. I'm definitely not going to buy Sims 4 and I will disrecomment it to everyone. To make me like it, a miracle has to happen. It's just not a Sims. Let me make a guess: It'll be out on mobile soon. It all looks like done for mobile compatibility as well. Maybe you'll think so as well if you see the video.


      Tell me, if it's just me or if you think the same about the Sims 4. Maybe I'm an idiot and don't see the good. Maybe you already own it and can tell us of its awesomeness.

      In general, take this posting as example for how evil EA is. I'm not kidding anymore. Think about it. They take your money and you get nothing for it. Please start thinking and buy as few games as possible from them. Give your money to Rockstar, Ubisoft or an Indie developer instead. Ubisoft is an asshole, too, but imo they're still delivering good quality for good prices.


      That made me want to play sims 3 again ( :pedo: )

      I mean you need to go through a loading screen to visit a house next-door???
      The world is so small...
      Its hularious.

      I bet they will add loads of add-ons, for all the stuff in sims 3.

      Seriously though.. sims 2 beats it hands down.
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      Wow, just wow. Seriously, after just watching the beginning of the video, I want to shit on EA's CEO desk. You are absolutely right by saying that it looks like some Disney world with Disney characters. The character creation is just that much simplistic that I want to puke in a spurt.

      And when I saw the Sims world and I was like :wat: . All grey in grey, as if we just look at an unfinished game. Seriously, they destroyed Sims and it's huge possibilities with that game. I mean seriously, a world with only 5 small properties where already 4 houses are standing on? And visiting people now needs a loading screen again, which was already possible in Sims 2 without a loading screen?

      Disgusting. EA (also called egoistic assholes) really destroy every single shit they have their hands on.

      And by the way:
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