CM Acceptance Vote #9 (GGkiA)

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    CM Acceptance Vote #9 (GGkiA)

    Should GGkiA become a Community Member? 6
      yes (4) 67%
      no (2) 33%
    I would like to nominate GGkiA for a community member.

    To get accepted an applicant needs at least 60% for Yes.
    You can see in the Memberlist who currently is Community Member.
    There's no minimum or maximum amount of applicants that need to or may
    be accepted.
    Please participate, if you're a Community Member.

    Vote ends on the next Friday, Nov 7, 2014 12:00am CET.

    He is a member for quite some time, and I believe he would deserve this rank.
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    Well this rank is an honor but the fact that only 6 out of 18 people voted makes it seem unfair to me. I guess some people don't care or don't wish to vote but either way is fine. The value of this rank has dropped a lot in my eyes so I don't really mind.

    You can count the vote as declined. Thanks plane for the sweet act though.
    If you don't want to become a Community Member, why has this vote been started at all? :wat:
    If you do, you're one now. Clearly.

    4 yes, 2 no and 6 don't care is a legit result.
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    I somehow forgot about the Community Member vote rules I defined long time ago.

    Firzen wrote:

    2/3 (rounded to the nearest integer) of all current Community Members need to vote “Yes” for you to make you one of them.
    This means my last post here was a mistake. I'm sorry.
    You're declined. :bitchplease:
    The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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