Sticky Neon Mine Rules

      Neon Mine Rules

      Name: Neon Mine
      Date of Foundation: 6th November 2010
      Founder: Firzen
      Focus: Minecraft
      Languages: English, German

      Killing a player, if PvP is disabled, unless they explicitly wish to die
      Destruction or modification of other players' property against their will
      Deforming the world
      Bugusing, hacking or anything alike

      Owner of a block is, who has placed it or, if the block hasn't been placed by a player, nobody
      Owner of an unfree container is, who has placed it or, if the container hasn't been placed by a player, who has opened it first
      Owner of an abstract area or domain is, who has built in that area or domain or, who fenced or signposted it explicitly

      Container: object placed in the world that can store items
      Theft: not explicitly allowed taking of one or more items out of an unfree container owned by someone else
      free container: container that hasn't been placed nor opened by a player
      unfree container: opposite of free container
      Deformation of the world: arbitrarily placing or removing blocks without any reason or sense, setting things on fire, arbitrary blasting operations, building provisional structures (e.g. the classic 1x1 dirt tower) without removing them after use and the like
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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