Radio URL streams for Neon United

      Radio URL streams for Neon United

      Here is a list with some of the more mainstream radio stations per country.
      Because I'm not sure if every format is supported on the server you might need to test different urls.

      Great Britain
      BBC Radio 1
      BBC Radio 2
      BBC Radio 3
      BBC Radio 5
      Heart FM
      Capital FM
      Classic FM
      Magic 105.4

      The Netherlands
      Radio 2 Top 2000
      3FM Alternative
      Fresh FM
      Radio 538
      Radio 538 Dance Department
      Radio Veronica
      Slam FM

      Los 40 Principales
      Europa FM
      Maxima FM
      Loca FM
      Kiss FM
      Ibiza Sonica Radio 95-2
      Radio Capital
      Canal Fiesta
      Rock FM
      Cadena dial

      This list contains the most popular radio stations per country, for a larger list visit European radio stations streaming live on the internet -

      I'm asking you to submit a top 10 with cool and/or popular radio stations for your own country.
      I will add them to this post when I got them. :likeasir:

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      Let's collect some radio streams Tjong could add for United.

      I don't know if Digitally Imported streams would work, since it has some nice streams.

      Could someone tell me which streams are already added, so we can suggest some more?
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      It also would be awesome if you could add an youtube player but maybe with more neon on it. Like you design an ingame browser where only is allowed than you can login & play our own playlist. And also please add an key (like "m") to mute radio cause sometimes i hear bavarian music so loud that when my mom comes in i just dont find the mute key.

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