Server lags (carball)

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      Server lags (carball)

      So yeah , as maybe all of the carball players have noticed , the ball is lagging as fuck.

      When you join the arena , 90% of the balls who arent hit by yourself are lagging like the opponent has 500 ping while he only has 60. This makes the gamemode literally unplayable and annoying. Also i would admit that not always all players in the arena see the lag , Maybe 2 out of 4 or even 3... This pisses off most of us and I think that carball will lose players if that doesnt get fixed soon.

      Thanks for reading!
      ~Regards Ivo

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      Players need a very decent internet connection to be able to play it without any lag.
      Fps are ofcourse important as well.

      But I just cannot agree with the thought that it's server sided.
      I barely ever experience lag that is caused by myself (and not by some strange guy with 12 fps and a ping off 120). What i mean is that i never have any problems with a ball that I hit myself. I only experience some weird stuff when someone else, who´s internet is not really great, hits the ball.

      Carball just demands players to have a good ping/internet.

      We don't ignore anyone. Just because you demand something does not mean something will happen or can happen.
      For me this thread is totally ridiculous.
      The first day the server was laggy, yeah, but because we got 90 players, and 60 were playing Carball.
      The second day, we made the tournament perfectly, the only guy who had lag was you, Ivo, and I'm sure about it. I asked everybody if they had lag, and they said no.

      If you want, you maybe could donate for make the host-provider better, at least we all are playing here for free.

      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.
      Donate :bitchplease: .It wasnt only me getting lags hell no.Race and hulk got em too hero too. Even fabian had lags (50 fps and 20 ping)
      I agree with iron but not about everything. The lag is server sided on 90% since almost everyone are complaining.

      Also kath the server isnt lagging for 2 days or maybe for 5 already. So please stop saying that we got shit connections and fps.

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      Ivo wrote:

      I am not really inside these things but probably the new section called arcades got something to do with this. Why was it even added i dont know
      :wat: :seriously: :fuckingkidding:

      Why should a sandbox like Arcade, that don't even have any visitors, should get the server or a sandbox like Carball to lag? Don't blame other sandboxes if you don't even have a clue about all this. Stop finding something to blame on, but better look at your connections and frame rate.

      And stop talking about stuff where you do not have a clue. :bitchplease:
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      Carball is just incredibly sensitive when it comes to lag.
      Having a ping above 80 can already be enough to cause some annoying sync goals or laggy experience.
      Same goes for people with a fps that is so low that i wonder how they even got the install mta in the first place.

      The server didn't change and carball certainly did not either. I think that people used to accept lag and now go on about it. I might be wrong wit my second thought but I also think that we used to have relatively more germans playing carball than we have now. So why would this matter (if this is actually the case) ?
      Because normally Germans have a good internet connection and they're close to our server host.
      It's more common now to have a Spaniard or someone from Turkey etc...
      Their internet connection is often not good enough for carball or they just live to far away to get a decent ping.

      If it would be server sided, then the only reason i can think of would be that our server host cannot handle the ammount of players in United. But that makes no sense because i never noticed any difference when playing carball with 20 people online or 60.

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      I am absolutely sure it is server sided. Why? Because in the mornings there are 5 people and there is literally no lag. In the afternoons with 30 players on I see some lags but not much and in the evenings it is completely unplayable. So that gave me the idea: Why dont we get back the old carball server? Forgot to tell ya that the chat is lagging too(i mean when you post something, it shows on your screen 5 secs after). And not just to me but to huralk too who has one of the best pings here.
      Chat never lagged for me, but I did notice that the gameplay lag increases with the ammount of players. But usually, when noone is watching tv at home, I have no lag. But that happens rarely :okay:

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