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    F-22 wrote:

    Usually carball players take up half of the server. Removing carball from the merged server might not be good for united.

    But as it seems, it made some modes a lot more unstable. I really hope we aren't losing too many players cause of this.

    escape. wrote:

    Do you need Slender, Liria or Hay Unlimited? These are really useless modes and always 0 Player on it. Maybe you can calm down the utilization by removing this modes?

    And I'm wondering, why should sandboxes like Slender, Liria and Hay Unlimited produce problems to others sandboxes? [In this case Carball] or produce problems to the stability of United?

    And why should Carball produce problems to others sandboxes? I always play DM when Carball starts lagging, and DM runs perfectly.
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    Pipo wrote:

    Please, please do suggest a good decent scripter that can be trusted and is worthy of fulfilling the task to 'fix' and add new features to United... We all know that Tjong's time is limited and on top of that isn't motivated at this time.

    If you know a scripter that could don't hestitate to contact us (me, ShoX, Bass, Firzen) and we will try to make arrangements. We are looking for someone to lift up United with good scripting capabilities.

    Just blaming the 'bugged' script won't solve a thing and make things worse. We need to change this pattern and come up with solutions. At this point we reached a bit of a dead-end for the lack of a (new) scripter.

    We are seriously looking for a new scripter to give United a boost

    gladly dude