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    Maybe donate more so we can buy a fucking better root?

    And I don't see a point in buying a better root as long as we only have a MTA server.
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    Do I have to play MTA to know that the server is lagging? I don't think the reason for the lags is our server, but more the randomly bugged script that doesn't get fixed.

    Also the 360€ of donations are for the server costs of the whole year. We have to make this one time a year donation collection since nobody is donating all year long. If more people would donate, we could maybe think about a better root server, but till now I don't see this option. Sure, we can charge a better server, if you want, but in the middle of the year we probably wouldn't be able to pay the server and shut everything down, if that's it what you want... :seriously:
    It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
    Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown
    There are too many potential lag sources to simply say it's the server's fault. And if it was the server's fault, the next question would be, what exactly: CPU, network?

    But before we can say it's the server's fault we need to prove that it's not the player's PC, the player's internet connection, the player's connection to our server, the carball resource or any other resource involved, the MTA server or the MTA client.
    If we made sure that it's none of the mentioned or anything else our dedicated server on its own doesn't cause, then we needed to find out whether the CPU is too slow (I doubt that) or the server's network connection is too bad (which is also very unlikely).
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    Without being on any side. My own experiences in the last weeks/months it started lagging with the new server. It can be another reason but for me it is the server too. Nevertheless Firzen is right that we should check all other possibilities before we do a big and expensive change like this.
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    The only thing I can think of since the servers should be identical is the distance the new server has and gives certain players higher pings than before. Something you can totally avoid by moving your house closer to the server but I think this 'lag' is most likely ping related, either on your own connection, the servers connection or simply the distance between you and the server. Also some ISP's have bad routers which can give random ping spikes (something mine did... and does :rageface: )

    It's not really a big difference though, it's not like nobody complained about lag before... it's still MTA :bean:
    Let's face it.
    If the server has around 15-20 people, there are hardly problems with lags.
    But if we're talking big - 40-50+ people, the big lag comes and it's not a few people complainning. I don't think a player's
    ping is a big factor as I've played with people whose ping is under 50 and the ball still lags. So yea it's hard to say which is the problem (there is certainly a problem).
    Please, please do suggest a good decent scripter that can be trusted and is worthy of fulfilling the task to 'fix' and add new features to United... We all know that Tjong's time is limited and on top of that isn't motivated at this time.

    If you know a scripter that could don't hestitate to contact us (me, ShoX, Bass, Firzen) and we will try to make arrangements. We are looking for someone to lift up United with good scripting capabilities.

    Just blaming the 'bugged' script won't solve a thing and make things worse. We need to change this pattern and come up with solutions. At this point we reached a bit of a dead-end for the lack of a (new) scripter.

    We are seriously looking for a new scripter to give United a boost
    I know a few scripters which were already mentioned by me before and I talked with Tjong about it and they could help with fixing the desync as well in carball.

    I remember Tjong and those scripters have talked and they are both scripters from the MTA team but I think the way Tjong scripted United is a hard way for a new scripter to start fixing things, lets say Tjong made it in his own language and that's why it didnt work out. I could contact another scripter which is trusted and I could ask him if he has time to take a look at it but I doubt it because they are all busy with their own servers. Finding new good scripters is one of the hardest things currently on MTA because most of the servers get scripted by noobs that don't even understand LUA and the good scripters work for big clans like CIT/SAES/FFS..

    Anyways I'll go talk with him but I doubt if he has time for it and I'll send him over to you guys via IRC.
    Concerning the Topic
    Can you tell me when the most critical times are, i.e. when most players play Carball? I'd like to monitor some bandwidth usage. However, afaik our server has a 1 GBit/s connection and even 100 MBit/s should be sufficient for many many players (at least 100). I also can't remember that we've ever exceeded 15 MBit/s bandwidth usage when we had our old server (which had the same specifications as our current one) until November 2014. And there were only very few peaks that got above 10 MBit/s at all.
    In addition, afaik, getting a better server bandwidth is not that easy. It usually costs a lot of money (just € 50 per month in addition to normal server costs only for a better bandwidth), mainly because every server not serving thousands of users at a time with complex data doesn't need it. It's just for the bigass projects, which we are far far away from. Iirc during the searches in the past where I looked for new servers (when we needed one) I hardly could find hosters that provide us with a bandwidth better than 100 MBit/s for under € 50 per month.
    We just did a strategical server switch to a server that has the same specifications as our last one, but costs € 19 less each month, which is a huge saving. At that point our clan finances didn't look so good. The success of the Donation December where we collected around € 390 in one month is a once-a-year-thing, if at all, and was quite unexpected btw. I think many were motivated to donate, because of the lower server cost. I know from some of the main donors (Associates) that they already stated that they'd like to have a cheaper server, because we have only one or two gameservers running and thus use only a very small percentage of our server's capacities.

    Concerning the Scripting
    Finding new scripters for United is one big problem, but even if we found some, there'd be another big problem. We can only let them start from scratch. Also, Carball is a no-go. However, I don't think Carball needs big fixes. I think it just needs an own MTA server to run smooth. I already talked to Tjong about the United thing and that I don't think it's a good idea to put all modes on one server (I held that opinion already before the United project started btw), because it lowers performance and makes the server hard to maintain and bugs harder to find (because of a more complex system). He didn't agree.
    Carball is a unique mode and thus I think and also hope that Tjong won't give the script to anyone. There's a very high risk that people would just take the script and make an own server. I just think Tjong would be more motivated to make a fix from time to time, if it was running on an own server, because it'd just be Carball then and no other source of bugs. Also, a complex system like United doesn't allow quick stuff, because you always have to get into the complex system before doing something.
    The United system cannot be maintained by a hobby scripter, who doesn't know anything about it till now. It won't be fun for them and it would take too much time, that would not be required, if they did some smaller-scale project on a separate server.

    My opinion about United is that it started with an interesting idea and it's running surprisingly good and that Tjong did an awesome job, but because of its complexity it takes too much time to maintain and extend. I think we were better with a few separate servers (maybe connected with a hub server that redirects and maybe with a connected chat) where we could have different scripters work on different modes so the work would actually be split on many people and each of them would only need to spend some time to keep it running.
    However, as long as there is no yes from Tjong and the SL and as long as we have no volunteers for scripting that would like to make a server with Neon's flag, there's no point in thinking or planning further nor initiating anything.
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    I got this message from the scripter I contacted:

    I'm actually re-building the housing system, and abit of other stuff which causes core problems on SAES.

    Although, fixing it shouldn't be a problem if you want, you can send the part of the un-working script to me, I would be gladly appreciated to repair what's ever wrong with it or you can either contact Weskey. He's a alright scripter not that bad, but his still new to mta sa scripting.

    But overall, fixing is fine it's like overall 10-20 minutes work (-), depends on what's needs fixing.


    Thank you for your offer, but as you maybe read we don't exactly know which things we have to fix at carball and I doubt you are interested in developing United with new features and fixing quite weird things like random bugs.
    We don't know if it's because of the loads of resources, a script which causes lags/bugs or even the server.
    Next to it, only Tjong knows where those scripts are and how many he would send you so you both have to talk to each other which is a bit difficult as Tjong is now rather inactive. If you mean things like fixing some stuff at DM or any other mode, I'd really appreciate it as those modes need the updates very much.
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    He means fixing everything that needs fixing, we have some spare scripters but like you said, only Tjong has acces to it and untill Tjong will make contact with me I'll start talking with the scripters again. Untill now I guess we have to wait till Tjong returns because contacting the scripters now is rather useless without the knowledge what needs a fix.
    We aren't just looking for a scripter concerning carball (since the uniqueness of this script we can't just let somebody dive in it and hope for the best).

    So this is a bit offtopic here but it might clarify a thing or two.
    We need a scripter to add new features and debug small bugs in all other modes for example the random collission with car objects in DM. Or the gain a little life extra climbed in Hay Unlimited so people can actually climb eternally... And United is missing a million features as well. Ofcourse running everything smoothly is top priority but we still need more donator functions and random things to spend Nero's at.

    We should indeed run the old carball server and an isolated carball of the one running in United to see what causes the lag, also we should time those lags and see if there are maps changed in other modes etc to see if that causes interference.

    I don't like going back to seperate servers again, at most carball could be seperated (redirected with linked chat to the rest of United). The rest seems to run rather well together.
    Yeah, but of course noone mentioned the biggest downside for having seperate servers and the reason why they were merged... A lot of people play carball and a lot of people played (but less than carball :okay: ) Neon fun. Neon race was slowly dying. Merging them on one server made race and fun more popular. People don't join empty servers...
    Usually carball players take up half of the server. Removing carball from the merged server might not be good for united.

    But as it seems, it made some modes a lot more unstable. I really hope we aren't losing too many players cause of this.

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    Do you need Slender, Liria or Hay Unlimited? These are really useless modes and always 0 Player on it. Maybe you can calm down the utilization by removing this modes? Its very good that you searchin a new scripter :allthethings: I hope its gonna get fixed soon. Thanks for your participation!