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    Neon United Carball League 2015

    Carball League 2015

    The idea of such a Carball League was mentioned quite long time ago, but nobody (until now) has come up with something more (organisation, preparation and so on...) As Nitrex wrote under this thread, I decided to offer him my help so we can finaly start the league. This kind of a league will help the development of Carball, by keeping teams active for weeks (maybe months). The matches will probably take place on weekends, because nearly everyone has time then. So this is actually going to differ a lot from a regular tournament, a new experience, which would be interesting in our opinion.

    I will start with some basic facts about its essence

    • Imagine that we are in a real football (soccer :genius: ) league, pretty much what this is about
    • A point system - 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss
    • Carball League Ranking in real time
    • The duration time depends on how many clubs we will collect
    • The minimum of clubs playing in the league will be 8
    • The maximum of players each club can have is 11
    • Each club must be registered in our sub-section with all the clubs
    • Top goalscorers only for the league will be announced in the end of the league
    • A club logo is desirable, so we can make it look better :lol:
    • One or two referees for each game
    • Matches will be played in Neon Soccer arena and will last 15 minutes
    • Maximum Ping: 150
    • Minimum FPS: 25
    • A referees word is final
    • Follow the standard server rules
    • Last minute or second team changes ARE NOT ALLOWED
    • All matches will last 15 minutes
    • Ramming is FORBIDDEN – when there is no ball possession (the referee will decide whether the certain action is punishable or not and how it is punishable, while you do not complain about his decision)
    • Ramming JUST BEFORE THE KICKOFF so a certain player would not get to the kickoff ball is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. It is punishable with a direct kicking from the arena and without any possibility of coming back (if the punished player refuses to obey and comes back on purpose, his team will lose the game)

    Date/Time of the matches

    Like I already said, the matches will take place
    on weekends (including Friday).When exactly? It depends on how quickly we will get the clubs.And what about the time? This is the new thing in this league. It depends on you. If we are in the beginning of the week (Monday), you (the 2 teams which will have a match) will have time until Thursday to tell the organisers when(time) you both agreed to play the match(you will already know which day). As soon as the time is known too, we will find a referee, who can also make it then. If you do not make an arragement until then, your match will not be played and you will not get points. This is why we need active clubs and that is the essense of the league.
    Note that tactical refuses of anytime suggested by a certain team will be spotted(this is a further topic, which depends on a specific situation).

    SIGNING UP FOR THE LEAGUE(write under this topic)

    Club name:
    Team Leader's name:
    Club thread on Neon United's forum:
    Team Leader's skype: (or send it with a PM to me)

    DEADLINE 15th of February 2015 (changed once more :bitchplease: ) NO MORE PLACES
    If you have questions, you can ask me, or Nitrex

    Clubs Registered
    Unknown Strikers
    The Snakes
    The Venomous Toads
    Chameleon Bros Carball Club
    Very Important Players

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    Club name: Legacy
    Team Leader's name : TaiGah
    :Club thread on Neon United's forum: ;)
    Team Leader's skype: Barba will send it to you
    On April 2014 the server discovered James.

    Clubs were searching for mascots and had problems so James invented animals.

    James showed once a boy how to aim at the goal, this boy is known today as Frenk.

    When James entered the server, Clubs requested for joining him.

    Before hard league matches starts, players are praying to James to gain strenght.