[CLOSED]Chameleon Bros CC

    [CLOSED]Chameleon Bros CC

    I Chameleon Bros CC I


    Club name: Chameleon Bros Carball Club
    Club tag: ||

    Our legends
    CH0u.TaZtii ||
    FoX ||
    Honeymustard ||
    Snowy ||
    Tjong ||
    Velo ||

    Want to join us?
    You don't need to write an application or something for us. If you are an active player on the server and seem to fit into our club we will contact you.

    02.02.2015 - "Chameleon Bros" is now an official club and replaces "Carball Club". Also Kath has the rights to edit this topic if it's needed. A logo will follow.
    03.02.2015 - Mechanic made an official logo for us. Thanks!
    08.02.2015 - Honeymustard has joined our club. Welcome!
    14.03.2015 - Snowy has left our club. All the best for the future.
    03.04.2015 - Thankfully, Snowy has joined our club again! (Hope the lag has mercy with you now)
    31.05.2015 - Our club is now set as inactive. We aren't open for any tournaments/leagues or clubwars as a club because we can't get enough players for that together who are active. We will wait what happens with Carball and hopefully be active again in the future. In tournaments our members can still participate in independent teams.
    20.11.2015 - CH0u.TaZtii has joined our club. Welcome and I hope we don't misspell your name too often. Also, our inactvitiy phase is over. We are active again!
    01.12.2015 - F-22 has joined our club. We are happy to have our first plane in our Carball club. Shame we only play with Sandkings.
    06.03.2016 - F-22 and Kath have left our club. Best of luck for the future!
    11.05.2016 - The club is now officially closed

    30.11.2014 - Winter Tournament, 2v2 - First place.
    10.07.2015 - Carball League, 3v3 - Second place.

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    Kath is also a leader in Neon Casual :wat:
    "People already got banned for less." - Bass
    (Offtopic. :okay: ) Actually I am not. I thought you were saying that as joke... :bitchplease: DELETE ME FROM CASUAL. :bitchplease:

    No, seriously. I thought you were saying that as joke... Neon Casual was/is inactive, so ye... I thought it was joke... :pokerface: .

    Soooo.. I leave Neon Casual. Sorry :foreveralone: :cry:
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    Chameleon Bros is 1 year and 1 week old!

    I didn't notice about it until James mentioned this The Story behind the Clubs

    We became 1 year old on the 2nd of February. It's been great so far, and it'll be still great!

    Also I hope we'll be together waaaaay more time! Next stop: 2 years old! (Last post was more than 365 days ago. :foreveralone: )

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    Name of your club: Advanced
    Name of the club you are challenging :Chameleon bros
    Club tag: -AD
    Players: Creed-AD , Sparty-AD , Treze-AD , Unbreak-AD, Prototype-AD , Rin-AD,Neuer-AD
    Rules : 3 Matches | each 15:00 minutes | switches are allowed | Official Carball rules | 3v3
    Date: As soon as possible
    This club is now officially closed. The reasons are obvious: I have no time and no motivation to get a good team together again.
    I am also not a fan of "giving" the whole club and organization to another user. The players who still want to be in a club should search for another one or create a new one. Please don't create a new club under this name or a prior name of our club ("Carball Club"; "BeVeSha"). Thanks to anyone who helped our club(s) in the past time in any form and special thanks go to those who organized the club when I was not there. This club was always full of nice and friendly people to the last day.
    @Seish: Sorry, but we are not having a team that has the time to train or to be there on any date.
    I'm not really into "liking" this kind of posts. It's a sad day for Chameleons as it's being closed, but I understand your reasons and somewhat your thinking-style.

    I wish you the best of luck for the future though, Chameleons will be remembered.
    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.
    :okay: I will miss the chameleon wearing a hat. Chameleons wearing hats are fuckn awesome.
    Rip and good luck in the future.
    Velo, it's a shame the club is at his end. You and the rest of the crew did a good job. Another decent club ripped into pieces, lets hope they will still be able to use the pieces and create something new.

    Looking forward to play against you and perhaps a new club during the summer.

    Take care and greetings from the United States, Puerto Rico.