Hey all,

      I just wanted to see who bought or is going to buy GTA V for the pc so we can arrange a few playdates ( ha, GAY! )
      would be nice to have some fun in there :pfftch:

      Only reply if you own or going to buy GTA V thanks :bean:
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      I am going to buy it, but I don't know when...might be somewhere in summer or even later, depends on my time and the money I got...maybe someone buys the game for me and even goes to work for me. :bean:
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      Need a new pc first :cry:

      Will wait untill its 1-5$ :pokerface:

      Let's make a new-pc's-for-neon-members foundation :allthethings:
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      I am planning to buy it. I guess I will get it the next month or even earlier, I'm not sure about the date, but count with me. :bean:

      Edit - Bought it. :fuckyeah:
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      € 60 for a game that's already 1½ years old. :seriously: :bitchplease: :no:
      I'm really mad at Rockstar - with GTA V they even gave less fucks about their most important platform than with former parts of the series. Since its first release half the internet got flooded with all those console-players' first impressions - they probably already put it aside again - and tons of cool Rockstar events and additional content and pipapo.

      GTA has never been a game I bought because of a multiplayer. In fact, before IV there were no official multiplayer at all. I really liked the singleplayer stories with all the well-designed athmosphere, the cool to insane characters and the tons of humor.

      Then I found the SA multiplayer and it's probably the best multiplayer I've ever played. GTA IV, however, was a catastrophe. The city is dull, everything looks similar. The story is okay, but it lacks the American-Dream-spirit the other parts, especially Vice City and San Andreas, had (having a mansion and all the moneys at the end). The physics were funny and IV has the best vehicle/driving engine I've ever seen and the multiplayer was also fun, but the graphics engine was from a twelve-year-old, the story was so stuck to reality, it would've fit into a game named Russian Guy in American City Simulator, the menu and multiplayer were buggy and laggy (sometimes we just couldn't play together because of banana - probably one of us had no internet at all and Mumble just forgot to transmit his voice properly) and they got rid of many features that had been introduced throughout the former parts and were essential and important (garages, diving, planes :wat: , the funny weapons like flamethrower, minigun etc. :why: , tuning, trailers and the tow truck, a big variating map and much more (probably)). Instead they kept the things nobody liked before. Did one of you ever care about those girlfriends in SA? Well, IV brought you a bus of friends that want to do activities with you. They were funny, yes, but not after the fifth, tenth, twentieth time.

      So I don't know how one can be so experienced and nevertheless make so much wrong. Either Rockstar are stupid or ignorant, none of which was a good thing.

      Back to V. I would buy it for the story as well. I will buy it for the story and I will play the story and I will, like Alpi', not risk getting spoiled in multiplayer before I finished the story. It's a miracle that I spent 1½ years on the internet and haven't been spoiled about V yet (okay, I avoided everything about V).

      But for a story half of the world already knows completely to the end I won't pay € 60 and I have no problem to make 2 or 3 years out of these 1½ years. Some of you will now maybe think they'd also like to be blessed with such patience, but I can tell you that I used to be impatient as well. Impatience is one of the strong pillars of the capitalism and those companies that make more money a day than you will earn in your whole life. I recommend you training your patience. V would be a good beginning. If you'll start to play around 2016 I'll be there to explore with you the first time. Being patient with this could be very easy. Imagine if everyone in Neon didn't buy it before 2016.

      However, I won't hold it against anyone, if they bought and played it already. I'm fine with playing on my own. :foreveralone:

      Btw.: I'll wait until I get a DVD version (with box and all) for € 20.
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      I played it on my Xbox - GTA 5 is a very nice game. I liked it.

      What I didn't like was the multiplayer. There were some good ideas but if this should be successfull someone needs to develop a software like MTA.
      I heard from a project from Sebas but anyway. I won't spent 1500€ just for a computer that runs GTA 5 well :megusta:

      It ends like TDU 1. When R* releases GTA 6 or something else they drop the GTA 4 and/or 5 Servers and nobody will be able to play together.

      BTW: :why: did you shut down the TDU 1 Servers Atari?????? WE AT NEON LIKED IT MORE THAN TDU 2!!!!111111 :cry:
      Firzen :bitchplease: gta iv had the worst driving in gaming history I hated it.. Not even mensioning bikes.. Well kinda mentioned than :bitchplease:

      It's probably not R*Star not giving crap about pc gamers but stupid console producers that add some money to the table and slow down the pc release.. And yes they like profits like any other guy...

      Anyway: blablablablabla the game is A for Awesome and worth ever cent of that €60,- a mta thing for V would be nice but gta v multiplayer is incerdibly rewarding :pfftch:

      So buy it so I can dress up like a clown, while bungeejumping out a plane seeing an attack chopper chase a tank, which gets attacked by a jet, which almost crashed into a skyscraper, which has a few exotic cars in it's basement.. Words can't describe the amount of awesomness this game has :lol:

      And doing that all in a huge playground with virtually unlimited possibilities :pfftch:
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      Ofcourse they showcase it on a very pretty resolution and probably even specially rendered instead of #randomsnapshot there is also a 'minimum specs' but I don't think they will use that to show how the game (can) look(s) :youdontsay:
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