[CLOSED]Carball Club | X

    [CLOSED]Carball Club | X

    Welcome dear Neon User's,
    this is the official Clubthread of the Neon Carball Club called X.
    Enjoy reading, see you soon, on Neon Carball.
    Club name: X
    Trial tag: X [ #ffcc33 ]
    Member: X [ #00ffff ]
    3rd Leader or higher: X [ #00cd66 ]
    [ VIP | 1 ]
    *not part of the club but are always welcome
    NitreX :flag-de:

    [ Trial | 0 ]

    No Trials at the moment.

    [ Member | 2 ]
    - I_will_ram_youX :flag-ly:
    [ Leader | 2 ]
    CubeX :flag-de:

    Total amount of Members: 4 (Not Recuting!)
    Please contact a Leader to arrange any kind of "Clubwar".

    Friendly Matches


    Carball League Games

    Carball League 2015:

    XxCode9:121.02 18:30
    XViP5:021.02 19:00
    CBX7:728.02 18:30
    XUnS5:528.02 20:30
    SX6:308.03 16:00
    LeGX2:208.03 18:00
    XvT6:314.03 19:45
    xCodeX0:521.03 21:00
    ViPX9:619.03 18:30
    XCB3:1328.03 21:00
    UnSX0:628.03 20:00

    Upcoming Games:

    XS2:803.04 17:00
    04.04 20:00
    Weekend 8

    When was the Club founded?
    The Club X was founded in January 2013 by NitreX.

    How can i join X?
    You can join us by contacting a Leader of the Club. If your'e a good player, you might join.

    ( More FAQ's coming soon )


    24th January, 2015
    NitreX reopens X
    AtraX joined X as 2nd Leader
    N@@B joined as Member
    Barbawix joined X as 3rd Leader

    25th January, 2015
    HeroRulez joined as Trial

    1st February, 2015
    DarkHero joined as Trial

    2nd February, 2015
    Selvis joined as Trial

    5th February, 2015
    Shisti joined as Trial
    Fakey joined as Trial

    14th February, 2015
    HeroRulez is now Member

    25th February, 2015
    Fakey got kicked out
    Diesulke joined as Trial
    Ralle joined X as 4th Leader

    6th March, 2015
    i_will_ram_you joined as Trial

    14th March, 2015
    AtraX, BarbawiX and Ralle decided to leave the club.
    Cube and Darkzero are going to be leaders on trial.

    27th March, 2015
    Selvis left the Club.

    29th March, 2015
    NitreX, the former leader and founder of the Club leaved. :minus1:
    Cube and DarkZero are leaders now.

    30th March, 2015
    Ralle joined X again, welcome back.

    30th March, 2015
    MiT0 joined the Club.
    We reached a maximum of 11 Members, how awesome is that?

    31th March, 2015
    i_will_ram_you has been promoted to full Member.

    03th April, 2015
    Ralle left the Club again.

    16th August, 2015
    I have been informed, that Diesulke, Mouh, Mito and N@@B have left the Club.
    ToaderZ and Lightstep have been removed due to inactivity.
    Also the former Co-leader Darkzero has been removed.

    16th August, 2015
    The Club got shut downed for a while, due to general inactivity.

    Best Regards,
    the Neon Carball Club X.

    Best Regards,

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    Due to general inactivity and the inactivity and disinterest of many of the members, i decided to shut down the Club for a while.
    That means, that we are no longer searching for members.

    Due to my own inactivity, i've decided to give active players the possibility to Applicate as leader of the X Club.
    I will stay in the clan, but i will not lead it.

    Thanks for reading.
    Best Regards,

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