A Teamspeak Server for Neon?


      You can also reskin mumble. And if reskinning is not enough you can just get the latest source code and modify it to your liking.

      Mumble and Teamspeak both support opus therefore voice quality is based on server/channel settings.


      Would be nice if you guys could give me some real reasons for a Teamspeak server. I havn't seen a single good argument.
      Many people use Teamspeak, and "maybe" more people would come on the ts3 from the server...
      Im sure at least Fabian, Frenk and Bert would use it, because I know they use TS and if we had a carball chanel, they would probably come there to talk, and maybe other carball players would come to talk during a match, if we had some advertising on the server. Most people wont bother to install another program though D:
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      From my point of view TeamSpeak is more famous than Mumble and for that most of the people want TS. I tried both and I really didn't notice any problem with the sound quality.

      Most of the people of the server don't know Mumble, and as F-22 said, when someone asks you if we have a TS3 server and you say that we only have Mumble, their answer is just "ah k" and won't join in, because they don't know the program and won't download it because x reasons.

      Staying neutral, I guess most of the people will join TS3 because the fame/reputation it got. If we won't have any TS3 server, players will go to another server or will own a server where they'll play with friends. I really doubt they will download Mumble if I'm honest.
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      As far as the quality is concerned I think Mumble is pretty shieeet to setup but will offer great sound quality.. on the other hand you have teamspeak which sounds equally awesome. For me Skype is fine as well.. I don't really care what we have, however I do think that Mumble's design is rather shit (not talking about skins, the one who makes the program should provide a decent baseset) and for user friendlyness ts3 will beat mumble handsdown ts3 looks equally shit though.. skype wins that trophee.

      The only reason I would switch from skype to either one of these if other players with who I'm talking are in that program as well.. and because Skype is taking an ludacrious amount of CPU for what it is.. a program to talk with.. Skype is shit but at least it is user friendly.

      Looking at our users I think that ts3 would suit that better. Mumble is a fine program but I don't find it easy to setup.. have to adjust a lot of sliders to not be screaming or hear anything trough talking.. but might be just me. Once again I'm fine with Skype/mumble/ts3 but when looking at the bigger picture I think I will end up choosing for ts3 over Mumble. I see no difference in sound quality, more people already have it and it's much easier to configure.

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      Sorry, i answer in german because i have no time to translate it properly and without mistakes.

      Wenn jemand ein Tool kennt, mit dem man Teamspeak und Mumble synchronisieren kann, sprich, dass User (ja, User) und Channels auf beiden Servern gleich sind wäre das denke ich eine gute Lösung. Wie es mit der Ressourcennutzung aussehen würde kann ich aber nicht beurteilen.

      Man könnte auch einfach nen TS Server installieren und die die halt unbedingt TS benutzen möchten können sich nach Vorgabe von Neon dort rumtreiben. Es muss aber ein Admin bestimmt werden dem man das anvertrauen kann.

      Meine Ansicht zu der never ending TS vs. Mumble Story.