Application by Rin||TS

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    Application by Rin||TS

    Birthdate:3 / 9 / 1998
    Languages: Arabic , English , German
    Contact-Information: || E-Mail: || Skype:mody.ahmed96 ||
    Something about your MTA-Career:I Started MTA by playing a server called CIT after CIT i searched for any server playing RPG Servers TDM , Missions , CnR , ETC , Then i discovered Neon United , I entered it , My eyes just looked at every server i liked the intro i was like wooooooow :wat: what is dat!!! i entered every server i liked Slender it was a bit creepy :milk: everything was awesome : Sumo survival , Classic Race , Derby , Carball , etc
    At the beginning i liked Neon Fun it was addictive i played it like 2 - 3 days but i got bored so , i entered Carball and i started my journey until now a good player in carball and it was from 2 years ago

    Why do you want to join Neon?:Because it has a good and friendly members and i need to join this part of Neon United's team and i will be so happy and if i got accepted i just need a chance to try me if i didn't do what i am supposed to do you can demote me , and i wont be sad because its my fault and i didn't do my job properly
    How can you support Neon or the community?: I have many friends playing mta so i can invite and im inviting right now , and i will mute spammers , kick campers in classic race , help members if they need help , i will be loyal i will never let anyone break any rule if im online they will be restricted if they didn't break a rule they are safe , if they did break a rule i will punish them.


    PS : I applied in Community Member Application Office Because i thought im applying for a member in the server , so if its posted delete it.


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    You meet the requirements.

    A vote has been started for you and will last 7 days during which United Members will vote and decide if you should get accepted or not.

    You'll get your result at the 3rd of July, around 17:00 CEST / GMT+2

    Good luck !
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