Application by BmXeR

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    Application by BmXeR

    Birthdate: 14/12/2002
    Languages:English / Arabic / some spanish
    Contact-Information: || E-Mail: || Skype: || , Yody.ahmed1
    Something about your MTA-Career: i am so old in Mta i played servers such as cit / Neon and alot 1st i played cit it was fun and grafuroam , grafuroam got me in neon and played neon and got the most fun
    Why do you want to join Neon?: i am helpful / loyal / i see alot of people insulting the other and there is no trial / member ..... and there is no something i can do to let them stop , and i want that to mute them , i want a member to make this server clean and good for someone to join it to get more fun and this server get more than the maximum players to get more Fun on Neon United
    How can you support Neon or the community?:
    by muting insulter banning people which is not trial + for using [Ne] tag , and helping people


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    Really ._. , from phone right now, but are you really aplying 20 days after you got unbanned?

    However, you meet the requirements and with this a trial vote will be started as soon as possible, this vote will end in 7 days, in which United Members will decide if you should become a trial or not.

    You will get your results at the 29th of July, 2015, around 17:00 CEST / GMT+2.
    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.