Sticky Edit Requests

    Edit Requests

    There is an inactivity in the club threads. It is expressed mostly in not maintaining the memberlist or the clubwar results (if there is a list with clubwars made by the thread creators) This is why we have decided to implement ''Edit Requests''.

    How does it work?

    If a Section Leader or a Carball Manager spots an inactivity, he will post under the inactive club thread an Edit Request. After this request, the club thread creator will have 7 days to edit his thread, or another Edit Request will follow. After the second Edit Request, the club thread creator will have another 7 days to edit, or the club will be deleted and will no longer be an official club of Neon.

    Why do we create this?

    We want our official clubs to be as active as possible and their information to be as well-maintained as possible.