Sticky How to create an idea thread!

    How to create an idea thread!

    How to create an idea thread!

    • Create one thread for one idea!
    • This forum works like reddit: Like ( :plus1: ) an idea to support it and dislike ( :minus1: ) it if you don't support it.
    • Every thread is going to get a tag with the current status of the idea.
    • Don't forget to take a significant headline, like "Clubchat for official Clubs".
    • Add some media (video/image) to accentuate your idea.

    That's how you create an idea thread:
    Please copy the code below!

    Clubchat for official Clubs

    Significant Headline: Clubchat for official Clubs
    You Nickname: John.Doe
    Detailed Description: Official Clubs should get own clubchats. This would promote the club communication ingame! They would also come in hand in tournaments. Clubchats will improve the life of all of us!
    Media: Not needed.

    Please fill in your information here! Write your answer after the [ /color ]!

    Copy this:

    Source Code

    1. [shadow=black][color=lawngreen][b]Significant Headline:[/b][/color]
    2. [color=lawngreen][b]Your Nickname:[/b][/color]
    3. [color=lawngreen][b]Detailed Description:[/b][/color]
    4. [color=lawngreen][b]Media:[/b][/color]
    5. [/shadow]
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