Sticky How to create a bug thread!

    How to create a bug thread!

    How to create a bug thread!

    • Create one thread for one bug!
    • This forum works like reddit: Like ( :plus1: ) a bug to support it and dislike ( :minus1: ) it if you don't support it.
    • Every thread is going to get a tag with the current status of the bug.
    • Don't forget to take a significant headline, like "Ranking does not get saved".
    • Add some media (video/image) to visualize your bug.

    That's how you create a bug thread:
    Please copy the code below!

    Ranking does not get saved

    Significant Headline: Ranking does not get saved
    You Nickname: John.Doe
    Detailed Description: My ranking doesn't get saved after I finished a match. The video shows what I mean.
    Media: Video Link

    Please fill in your information here! Write your answer after the [ /color ]!

    Copy this:

    Source Code

    1. [shadow=black][color=lawngreen][b]Significant Headline:[/b][/color]
    2. [color=lawngreen][b]Your Nickname:[/b][/color]
    3. [color=lawngreen][b]Detailed Description:[/b][/color]
    4. [color=lawngreen][b]Media:[/b][/color]
    5. [/shadow]
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