Top plays/goals - Carball

      Top plays/goals - Carball


      As I'm quite experienced with editing and creating montage videos of many games, I'm interested to make some montage videos of carball.

      For example:
      • Club based montage showing off top plays/goals of the team. Could be posted in each Club thread as "promotion".
      • A recap of best plays/goals of each tournament to memorize them and for those who missed to watch some epic matches of the tournament.
      • Top 5 plays/goals of the week/month. Could be voted off from Neon members or so.

      These videos would get uploaded to the Neon Youtube channel (If you guys want).

      For the club based montages/tournament plays you could send me the footages if you have some. I'll also will record the plays as often as I'm online and see good stuff.

      Only problem would be the quality when the video is finished rendering or better said, the video loses quality if it has got uploaded to youtube.
      If somebody maybe knows how to solve this problem or has a better computer than me I'll could send you guys the edited video and you could render/upload it.
      Program used is Sony Vegas Pro 9.

      Skype - namelezz96