Report Race

      thats exactly what i said bass , why would ltwyd report race if race isnt doing anything bad to him? Whats the point or he is just the law?

      Oh btw i regret writing the second post i posted so i edited it with the words "it was a big overreaction" but someone obviously returned my old post before the edit and now i dont have the option to edit it gg :genius:
      I can report whatever I want as long as I think that it breaks the rules and as long I do not spam senseless reports. Why didn't I report Bass for liking the leave thread from Race every day but Race insulting Bass? The answer is easy: "[...] I like Bass more than Race."
      Nothing more to say to all the other senseless shit, over and out.

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      Tbh... Race did insult Bass. Something which is not allowed.
      Reliking posts (if that is what happened, no idea whether Bass or Race is right), is childish but not disallowed. Atleast not in the way I interpreter.

      And Race, you didn't need Firzen's support for this.
      You could just have messaged Bass and try to talk in a mature way.

      But is Neon getting so boring that this is our most hot topic?
      Likes and wall comments?

      Race wrote:

      My argument is absolutely valid. The rule says "without a solid reason". I think there is a solid reason to like some old announcement thread or the memberlist itself,but what you were doing was USELESS reactivating an old thread and without a solid reason. The reason was trolling or idfc what.
      There was probably no solid reason, yes, but I think you misunderstood the point. Whether there was a reason or not isn't relevant, because (re-)activating a thread means (in our rules) posting something in it and that didn't happen. This is mostly the case because the rules have been made before we got that feature that makes posts appears in a recent activity feed when liked. I want to add that I don't want to extend the definition of (re-)activating a thread to also apply to liking posts, because I think that's very childish and won't do good. I'd ask people who cannot stand seeing threads they don't like in the recent activity feed to just hide it by clicking the arrow button.

      Race wrote:

      And the other way of mine is not pretty as you can see. There is no respect from the Administrators.
      We don't and never will respect the abuse of rights. You don't have the right to move/delete threads, because you don't like them or don't want them to show up anymore. And you will have to show to us that you are still trustworthy, because of the recent negative mood that came up and your reactions.