Neon Carball League Season 2 15/16

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    Neon Carball League Season 2 15/16

    Carball League Season 2


    It is now nine months ago since the first season of the Carball League started. We had eight teams who fighted for the title of the Carball League Champ, but only one team could get it. It was one of the biggest and longest Neon Carball events ever and at the end ''The Snakes'' got the coveted Trophy after a great season. Now its time for a revenge. Will ''The Snakes'' defend their title or can someone else win the championship battle?! Its up to you! Register your team and fight for fame and glory, maybe you gonna be the next Carball League Champion!

    Here are some facts about the league

    • Imagine that we are in a real football (soccer :genius: ) league, pretty much what this is about
    • A point system - 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss
    • Carball League Ranking in real time
    • The duration time depends on how many clubs we will collect
    • The minimum of clubs playing in the league will be 6
    • The maximum of players each club can have is 11
    • Each club must be registered in our Carball-section
    • One or two referees for each game,
    • The referee you choose by yourselve (experienced player)
    • Both teams must agree with him
    • Matches will be played in Neon Soccer arena and will last 15 minutes
    • Once all meetings are over the second half begins
    • Maximum Ping: 150
    • Minimum FPS: 25
    • A referees word is final
    • Goals can get canceled by the referee (lag etc.)
    • Follow the standard server rules
    • Always 3v3 matches
    • Last minute or second team changes ARE NOT ALLOWED
    • All matches will last 15 minutes
    • If a player gets pingkicked 3 times he IS NOT ALLOWED to join back (if the kicked player refuses to obey and comes back on purpose, his team will lose the game)
    • Ramming is FORBIDDEN – when there is no ball possession (the referee will decide whether the certain action is punishable or not and how it is punishable, while you do not complain about his decision)
    • Ramming JUST BEFORE THE KICKOFF so a certain player would not get to the kickoff ball is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. It is punishable with a direct kicking from the arena and without any possibility of coming back (if the punished player refuses to obey and comes back on purpose, his team will lose the game)

    Date/Time of the matches

    Every week you have time from Monday to Sunday 8pm. That means that you have to arrange a date for yourselve with your opponent. You have always two matches to play per week. It isnt allowed to play more then two, to avoid a mess. When you found a date you have to inform me. If you didnt arrange a date for your matches till Sunday 8pm both teams have to join the server at 8pm. In the case that only one team show up they will get 3 points. If nobody joins both getting 0 points. The League starts at Monday the 28th December 2015

    (write under this topic, please make sure that u have time and motivation for this)

    Club name:
    Team Leader's name:
    Team Leader's skype: (or send it with a PM to me)

    If you have questions feel free to ask me.

    Clubs Registered [10]
    Upper Class
    United Legacy
    The Snakes
    The Red Sharks
    The Abusement Park
    Street Gang
    The Venomous Toads
    Chameleon Bros CC
    Destruction Gamers

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    Where have I seen this format from :trollface: ?
    We'll be glad to try keep our title

    Club name: The Snakes
    Team Founders' names: Ivo#S, Race#S
    The #Snakes

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    Rule Update

    Moreover the Application Deadline change to the 1st of December.
    The start of the League on the 28th of December is not changed.
    In the case one team miss 3 matches in one half of the league, they will get disqualified
    If a team dont show up for a match, they will lose 6-0

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    As Carball Club X dont have enough members at the moment for the league and im not sure that they can participate without any problems, i decide to delete them from the League Teams for the moment.

    Carball Club X joins the league again.

    Carball Club X is disqualified from this season.

    Carball Nation Z left the league, and got deleted. Therefor AleX get banned from my next Tournaments.

    As Carball Nation Z left the league, Carball Club X will replace them.

    Carball Club X left the league, therefor Drogba and Burak getting banned from my next Tournaments.

    Destruction Gamers joining the league and replace Carball Club X

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