Need for Carball?

      Need for Carball?

      Do you still want/need MTA Carball, now that there's Rocket League? 31
        Yes, MTA Carball FTW, Rocket League WTF!? (17) 55%
        I('d) play both. (7) 23%
        I don't care, but I wanted to vote anyway. (4) 13%
        No, I Rocket League nau, bye. (3) 10%
      A wild question appeared.

      Imagine we got a new Carball mode that's a bit like Rocket League and answer the question in that context. You may also comment.

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      I don't understand the answers given in the context of the story below.. :pondering:

      Yes make it more like rocket league! Also add real rockets so we can blow each other to high hell :bean: #wrecked it is part of rocket league :pfftch:
      Well, this poll was started under the impression that most of you aren't satisfied with our current Carball mode. I don't own Rocket League and I've never played it, but I saw some videos and what I saw looked a bit like Carball, but with some twists.

      That's where the question arouse whether we need a Carball mode at all or rather whether there are still people interested in playing it, because Rocket League has much more fancyness to offer and is much smoother.

      Mainly the boosts and the jumping style but also the arena style are things that could be in an MTA Carball mode as well, but then it would be more like Rocket League (so even less useful in my opinion).
      I think most of the people werent satisfied because of the bugs wich existed. After Merlins work (sure there are still 1 or 2 bugs) i I see rarely people complaining about the gamemode. Maybe RL looks a bit like Carball but the gameplay is 99,9% different.
      There was a nice thread named ''Ideas'' for the new Carball server. Better work on these ideas then doing some experimental ''shit''. I think there isnt one answer wich says ''please make a Rocket League mod'' or ''please add some RL features to Carball. Many people have both games and it should stay
      separated. The Neon people wanne play Neon Carball mostly. If they wanne play RL they play it on Steam PS whatever. It only would split our CB Community, wich reduce the player amount on both mods.

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      Ffs's carball version has some rocket league elements. I do not like it. The ball dosent bounce off walls, our kickoff involves a lot more skill, and even though I suck at it, it is much more interesting.

      If only the synch-lag could be reduced a bit more! And playing against people with ping (or ping spikes) around or over 90 is usually really annoying, as you see them hit the ball in one direction, it goes there, then suddenly teleports and it is going in another direction... even if it only happens for a second, it gives you a disadvantage :cry:
      "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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