Modded Minecraft Server

      Modded Minecraft Server

      Would you like to play on this server? 19
        Yes (16) 84%
        No (3) 16%
      Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
      as a new addiction to Neon we had the Idea to add a ''Modded Minecraft Server'', accessible to everyone.
      Here you can vote if u like the Idea and if u would play on the server.
      Also you can write a Modlist under this thread for the Server.
      These Mods will get an own ''Poll-Thread'' after some days where u can vote for your favorite ones.

      Note that this Server would be only for the original Minecraft version.
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      Sure I would. I love minecraft, and used to play it alot, and ai also love playing with the neon community... Playing it alone gets boring for me. I don't know the new mods as much, but I would install all that would be needed to play... Some are really good.
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      Maybe you should decide first if we're talking about Forge mods or something else. And then, a minimal/maximal version would be necessary. A common problem of modding is that not all mods support newer or even the current Minecraft version and, more importantly, if a new version gets released, some mods will be updated quickly while others won't so the version always depends on the mod being developed slowest.

      For your information: The Forge modding framework currently supports MC 1.8 with its latest stable and 1.8.8 with its latest (not necessarily stable) version.
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