Application by James

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    Application by James

    Hello and welcome to my new application for becoming a Member of Neon :o

    Nick(s): Turino -> Turin -> TaiGah -> James -> Khames -> Chrissy/Chr|ssy
    Birthdate: 11.12.1998
    Country: Austria
    Languages: German, English, Romanian, Italian
    Contact-Information: || E-Mail: || Skype: || i won't tell you my email in front of all people :bitchplease: my Skype you already have
    Something about your MTA-Career:

    Well, i started in 2013 with a Gang called [RSA]. That is a group of people from another Real Life Server. People from RSA are as example Sari, Dedaron, Drescher, Michael and so on. Normally they played Carball before me, but they showed me that it exist and so I became indirect a Carball Player sine 2013 and official/active since 2014. Between 2013 and 2014 i often liked to play DM, DayZ and Derby on FFS. Sometimes I also mapped some things like Houses for the Real Life Server :b but most of my tame as MTA Player I spent in Carball and Neon. And its ofc the first server in MTA for me where I have made myself new Friends :D

    Why do you want to join Neon?:

    I love this community and want to be a great part of it by joining Neon. At least Carball is one of my favourite Games and in combination with the people who playes here it's my most favourite Server at I play.

    How can you support Neon or the community?:

    At least I am a very active player, mature and always try to be as nice as possible to others since I had a bad past. I was some months ago a flamer and a ragequitter, and that knew a lot of people. But as I changed my name and I opened the thread Excusion to Community! (im too stupid to put a link behind that Threadname :sweetjesus: I always tried to change my behaviour and to do a restart with all people. As I am a creative person too i can support Neon to find new Ideas for developing the server or to open Tournaments / support for players. For the community I can feel free for their questions and to be there for them if they need my help or my advice. I also want to help and do something against people who break rules to keep all on a fair level. So I would be there to stop disputes as example.

    That was my application.
    I hope you liked it to read and I would be happy if you would give me a chance to prove myself as a Member.
    (sry about that english :pokerface: )


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