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      I had the idea for this one long time ago but didnt know how to convert it. Nevertheless, i didnt give up and finished it some days ago. This is a small summary about Season #4 we had. Hope you like it :)

      BTW: I also started streaming a bit carball and im going to stream official matches aswell, just keep a look in there, any support would make me very happy :p



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      As i got some time i made a new video, this time about Snakes and Race.
      Like the Wolves in Season #4, Snakes got their own Nutshell Video about their great Season #1. Check it out :p

      The #Snakes at a young age [Nutshell]

      This time it will be uploaded on my Twitch account cuz i want to focus more on twitch and streaming. If you are interrested in League of Legends and Overkills TWD you are in good hands. I'd welcome it to see you there and would be happy about any support :)

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