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      Hai Community,

      as i got inspirated by Namelezz Video and his Montage (right above mine) i wanted to do Montages too. This Thread is opened as a Montage Serie Thread and so i will post a lot Montages as I have got time. :)

      Twitch-Channel: Chungason

      The channel link for lowriders :isee: : Jamez
      - YouTube

      Carball Season #2


      Carball Season 3


      The #Snakes


      Season #4


      Interview with Carballer


      Interview with Carballer #2 - Barbawix

      Carball Season #4 in a nutshell

      Have a nice day!
      James aka Khames aka Jamosa aka Negan


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      Damn if my pc was so smooth :wat: :sweetjesus:
      And you were also filming :cry: I really have to buy a new one :rageface:

      I like the original Green Day version more :okay:

      Nicely made video!
      "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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      Well ^^

      I have recorded with a Tool from GeForce Experience, and i rather all people who want to record to use that if possible. I didn't watch how FPS it took me but at least I didn't notice that I played worse with the recording program or not. It's quite better than Fraps and I recommend it to you if you want to produce Videos too :)

      J4mes wrote:

      quite better than Fraps

      Like... almost everything. :bitchplease:

      I personally use OBS (Open Broadcast Software). It's a open source software and you can also stream in Twitch, Youtube, whatever with it. I haven't noticed any change in FPS and it's really good. Totally recommendable.
      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

      6 things i want to tell you for my plans with the Montages:
      • ive structured this thread in another way
      • The Golden Snakes Tournament (from vT perspective) was also recorded and is in this thread and on Youtube
      • As a tournament started im going to publish the matches (of me and my current club) as fast as i can
      • Montages im going to publish every 3 Months (March, June, September, December)
      • So i dont have to spam this thread full, im only writing monthly an update with all the new vids i made in that previous month so everybode who is interested can watch em :yuno:
      • If you dont want to guess when a vid is coming or you dont want to search all time this thread for watching the vids, here is my channel link so you can find all together: Jamez
        - YouTube

      Heyho, i just forgot that i have to update this thread so i write 1 day later than normal :bitchplease:

      May - 2016
      • Golden Snakes Tournament | Semi Finals | Toads vs Snakes
      • Golden Snakes Tournament | Finals | Toads vs Legacy
      • "Legacy" Montage #3
      as a little spoiler and althought its quite earlier than expected, Montage #4 will come out on 1st of July :) so be ready for the Partydudes!

      Best regards
      <3 Costanza <3
      Heyho, as its the first of July, i can present you the new Montage of the Partydudes!
      (The original one is forbidden in every country on this planet cuz of the music xD)

      July - 2016
      • "Partydudes" Montage #4

      I hope you enjoy it :)
      Good luck for League and Rest of your Carballer Life :bitchplease:


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      I really liked the editing on this one, you can really see how you improve after every montage. Got me a bit motivating to do one too again :P.

      Well done.

      Btw, how about a Goalkeeper Montage? :D Could be fun to watch and it would be something different than only scoring montages.
      Pro GK and Pro editing. Would really like to see that. Lets show some love for the Goalies in Carball!
      another small update.
      I decided to set up my channel new and to keep just the League matches [vT vs #S] and [UC vs L] which is now reuploaded with new songs because i didnt do much work on it at the first time and it was one of my most favourite and memorable matches i have played so far. Sad that i didnt get a match of Season #1 but well D:


      Hope you enjoy it :P

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      another update:

      As the Season starts soon and the timing fits in very good, im ready to present
      you a Montage from The #Snakes!

      (hopefully GEMA doesnt delete my music again as they did it with my other vids :foreveralone: )


      This one had the most effort so far with more than 1 month of work
      and i hope you enjoy watching it. :)

      Best Regards

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      another small update,
      but this time it isnt a montage because i wanted to bring some variety.

      Just to say, take everything with humor and i hope nobody gets mad, its nothing personal and only fun. If you like this type of video i would greet it if you show it somehow, then ill publish more and maybe i can also make a playlist if u like it.


      If you know other funny clips and ideas for such Neon-Clips then feel free and tell me :)

      Cya, Rodrigo

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      After some time and a huge amount of positive feedback, i want to present you the second part of Interview with carballers.
      In this part Barbawix will tell us more about the current situation in carball.

      What does she want to tell us? ->

      Interview with Carballers #2

      Take everything with humor, a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear :)

      Best regards
      Sending in Burak with a bat :lol: that was the funniest shit I saw in here in a long time, well done xDDD