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      NeonBet - Betting System

      Heyho Sup guys, I thought a betting system for the Carball League would be pretty interesting. It works like this: You can bet on any league match, same as in Tipico (some might know the betting site) like who will win the match, which team will score the next goal, goals + or -, who will score the next goal and etc.
      Betting is of course with Neros. My Suggestion would also be that you can buy the replay of your goal for a high amount of Neros (i know its a donator feature but as I can see we dont have that much donators so it would be a shame to not include it for normal Users). Now the problem would be, where will the betting page be? How will the payments succeed? What feature will the donators have? I have no idea on the first one, but the second one there could be a member with access to the Nero bank (could also be a new feature(of Neon clan)) and could withdraw money from it to give the guy his money if he won. The third one I thought that they still have the replay feature, but it doesnt cost anything for them, not like the normal users. As bonus there could be a highlighted name for them in the chat (maybe a bit thicker or a VIP tag infront of their names.

      I know its much work but we need to expand if we still want new people to join the server. We need something what ffs doesnt have, this will give people a reason to join us.

      I hope you liked it, greets.


      //thanks to Namelezz for his suggestion of "Replays for Neros" which has helped me in my idea.

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