Report Foltn and Silver.

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    Report Foltn and Silver.

    Silver provoking as always..

    [2016-04-21 20:48:37] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: gg ez win


    Silver provoking Ivo...

    [2016-04-21 21:29:28] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: I saw ur photo
    [2016-04-21 21:29:29] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: kid
    [2016-04-21 21:29:49] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: with green photo
    [2016-04-21 21:29:53] [Output] : [A][AA]Ivo#S: thats right silver
    [2016-04-21 21:29:56] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: green phone
    [2016-04-21 21:30:18] [Output] : [A][AA]Ivo#S: not actually green but green-yellow

    silver and foltn with their huge amount of of insults " my mother "

    [2016-04-21 21:33:42] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: لا دا لسه صغير
    [2016-04-21 21:33:43] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: مبلغش
    [2016-04-21 21:33:52] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: انا عايز انيكو
    [2016-04-21 21:56:07] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: تحية كبيرة للشرموط على الخسارة دي
    [2016-04-21 21:56:14] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: سقفه للشرموط
    [2016-04-21 21:56:15] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: هيرو
    [2016-04-21 21:56:18] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: هيرو
    [2016-04-21 21:56:27] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: قصمق ياهيرو
    [2016-04-21 21:56:29] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: هوا انت وايفو خلفتو ريري علطول كده
    [2016-04-21 21:56:31] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: خلي ايفو ينيقق
    [2016-04-21 21:56:32] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
    [2016-04-21 21:56:35] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: اقعد علي ايري
    [2016-04-21 21:56:47] [Output] : [A]Hero#S: 5leko m7ro2en kda
    [2016-04-21 21:56:49] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: اي زد
    [2016-04-21 21:56:51] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: محروقين؟
    [2016-04-21 21:56:54] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: اه عشان انت احسن مني
    [2016-04-21 21:56:55] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: من ايه
    [2016-04-21 21:56:56] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: معلش انا محروق
    [2016-04-21 21:57:00] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: خخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخ
    [2016-04-21 21:57:03] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: هشفطك ياعلق
    [2016-04-21 21:57:04] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: ههههههههههههههه
    [2016-04-21 21:57:11] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: بضان؟
    [2016-04-21 21:57:15] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: ههههههههههههههههههههههه
    [2016-04-21 21:57:22] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: بضان مقلية؟
    [2016-04-21 21:57:23] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: مش ايفو دا ايل كان بيتريق عليك؟
    [2016-04-21 21:57:23] [Output] : [T]Hero#S: gosh these kids..
    [2016-04-21 21:57:26] [Output] : [T][AA]Ivo#S: whats happening again
    [2016-04-21 21:57:26] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: هو وفرينك
    [2016-04-21 21:57:29] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: كسمك ياض
    [2016-04-21 21:57:32] [Output] : [A][AA]Ivo#S: silver /quit
    [2016-04-21 21:57:34] [Output] : [A]Hero#S: a7a wenta 3ayz eh
    [2016-04-21 21:57:35] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: لما ناكو اتغيرت الاوضاع
    [2016-04-21 21:57:42] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: عايز انيقق
    [2016-04-21 21:57:44] [Output] : [A]Hero#S: wa7d 3mly invite w waf2t
    [2016-04-21 21:57:51] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: ايوه انا شايف
    [2016-04-21 21:57:54] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: وانا شايف
    [2016-04-21 21:57:55] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: هههههاى
    [2016-04-21 21:58:02] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: منت كنت بتعرصلو
    [2016-04-21 21:58:03] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: عشان تخش
    [2016-04-21 21:58:04] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: قق
    [2016-04-21 21:58:07] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: عايز طيظك
    [2016-04-21 21:58:21] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: خليك كدا معرص
    [2016-04-21 21:58:22] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: عارف انت ياسيلفر الهزار ده
    [2016-04-21 21:58:27] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: عايز اخش ومعرفش ايه
    [2016-04-21 21:58:30] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: احنا غلطانين اننا كنا بندافع عنك
    [2016-04-21 21:58:33] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: انت عيل ابن عرص
    [2016-04-21 21:58:38] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: يابن العرص
    [2016-04-21 21:58:40] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
    [2016-04-21 21:58:41] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: ياقحبه
    [2016-04-21 21:59:22] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: يلا ياض يابن القحبه
    [2016-04-21 21:59:29] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: مهو هوا كده شمروط
    [2016-04-21 21:59:37] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: وايفو قال ان كيكز احسن من هيرو
    [2016-04-21 21:59:44] [Output] : [A]|L|SilveR: عيل لبوة
    [2016-04-21 21:59:47] [Output] : [A]|L|FolTn: انا زبري اقوى منك

    ... @kolo

    Ofc you need arabian guy to translate this..

    smth I have to say, 2 days ago, silver told me that kekz told ivo "Iam better than hero, Hero has high ping so I have to play the clubwar "vT" "
    I looked to his logs, I just found nothing... when I told him there's no thiing here of what you said, he laughed and guess what he said? Ooh, Sorry, I didn't see well..

    What does that mean?
    - He wanted me to leave #S, I don't know why but he really annoys everyone.. @Race
    I can just see ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه.
    It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
    Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown
    Well wasnt expected this from you cause you insulted me too and i didnt report you cause we are friends for like about 2 years, and about ivo he also provoked me but u didnt show it in the report, by saying always fuck off, stupid, should i remind you everyday that you are stupid? nice hero very intellgent plan

    And about the "gg ez win" its only joke for fun i mean i dont mean by it provocate or something like that

    And you just changed your name ingame to provoke us, then for what u made this report , what are u waiting from admins?

    and here i have a photo with saying "omk 2altly " it means your mom said to memta-screen_2016-04-22_00-21-10 تحميل ● مركز تحميل الصور والملفات
    Sorry for posting here but as kolo tagged me as i can see i can translate this full of insults but in my opinion you guys are acting immature Enough guys not because a game you insult each other and also have fights and lose your friendship to each other its just a game guys Just chill and don't insult each other or even don't talk to each other in my opinion winning or losing a game doesn't deserve to have all that many fights and insults
    If it doesn't challenge you
    It doesn't change you
    You say that I insulted you which is not true, maybe it's only your opinion or it was fake "Hero" but let's tag everyone here and see if I really insulted you? About changing my name, It was just to avoid a thread like this, I wanted to let you have some fun with me to forget about this. People will find this strange as Iam the one who got insulted, but I don't like this kind of threads especially reporting my friend or "ex-friend" But what happened? You insulted my mother again... this is enough to me.. I don't want to see my mother getting insulted in a stupid game by some kids just for having fun so If admins won't do anything about this, Fuck you then.
    And i just joined an arena he said to foltn suck silver's dickI said who said that, hero said to me your mother said to me

    Half of this sentence is true, I didn't say "silver go suck foltn's dick"
    I said your mother told me, this is true, but??? maybe if you can read my latest comment?

    "But what happened? You insulted my mother again... This is why I said this.

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    Please Just end this if you dont accept jokes and fun from each other about a game then dont Talk to each other again and everyone of you go to his way Just let this End

    Hero you said you dont like report threads like this so please end it .
    If it doesn't challenge you
    It doesn't change you
    All who are in this conversation can be ''assholes'' sometimes. If you cant get along with each other, dont play together. You all are mature enough to stop this by yourself. The other option is that you all get muted for x duration but i think to tolerate each other by yourself is a better way to solve this problem. This thread will be closed to avoid future spam.
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