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    What's the club's name?
    We are Zero.

    What's the club tag?
    Our club tag is ^. We don't require any colorcode or anything, feel free to have your own if you join us!

    When was Zero created?
    Our club was created on the 11th of May, 2016.

    How do I join Zero?
    To join us, you don't need to do anything else but to be active, we will contact you once we think you fit with us.

    Who made the logo?
    Our logo was made by Mechanic.

    We will be updating this as soon as there are more questions.
    Former Members

    Kath, Barbawix, K3kZ, Velo, F-22.
    Ivo, Partyz, MeD, GhosT (Fantasma).
    Carball Relationed

    League winner


    Clubwars & Tournaments


    11.05.2016: Zero was created. Our current players are Barbawix, F-22, Kath and K3kZ.
    19.05.2016: F-22 has left our club. We wish him the best for the future! Your help was appreciated by all of us.
    07.06.2016: Velo has joined our club. Welcome!
    07.09.2016: Fantasma has joined our club. Spooky!
    19.09.2016: Fantasma has left our club. Reason was for future inactivitiness. We're sorry for that. You will still be welcomed once you come back!
    25.09.2016: We have officially won Carball League Season 3. Champions!
    02.10.2016: MeD has joined our club.
    10.12.2016: Velo has been kicked. Reason was for inactivity. We hope you can be active once again and you will always be welcomed to our club! Thanks for the time you've passed with us and for the help you've lent us throughout all this time. Thanks and we're sorry that we had to kick you.
    20.12.2016: We got both, Carball Olympics' Bronze medal on 3v3, and Gold medal on 2v2.
    30.12.2016: Ivo and Partyz have joined our club.
    07.01.2017: Barbawix has left. We wish you the best for the future!
    27.01.2017: We have closed.

    Last update: 27.01.2017
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    Hello Zero! We would like to challenge you for a clubwar.

    Name of your club: The Venomous Toads.
    Name of the club you are challenging : Zero
    Club tag: -vT
    Players: Jona, James, Namelezz, Frenk
    Rules: 3v3. 15 minutes. All the standard carball rules. Switches are allowed. The best of 3 matches.
    Date: We can discuss a date on skype.
    Hello, dear Zero! We, The Comets would like to challenge you for a club war!

    Name of our club: The Comets
    Club tag: !C (after the name)
    Club we are challenging: Zero (^)
    Members: Dani, Zero, Seish, Proto, MostafaFth (or Rin), UnBreak
    Rules: Usual rules, maximum 150 ping, minimum 25 fps, Best of 3, 3v3
    Date: To be discussed



    Name of your club: The venomous Toads
    Name of the club you are challenging : Zero
    Club tag: vT-
    Players: Namez,Hepy,Frenk
    Rules: Best of 3 matches. 15 minutes. 3v3. Whoever wins the most matches wins.
    Date: Will be discussed in Skype.

    Match 1: vT 7-6 ^
    Match 2: vT 4-3 ^
    Match 3:

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    We have closed - Unluckily our last moments weren't that great due to inactiviness from some of our members including myself and the leaving of others, so we have decided that it was for the best to close the club. I don't know at all if we were liked or not concerning the Carball community but I would say that the club has been successfull for the time it was open. Thanks a lot to Barbawix, K3kZ and Velo, who were the longest that had stayed over and also worth mentioning F-22, Partyz, MeD, Gh{O}sT and Ivo, who unfortunately their staying wasn't that long but were as well part of the club.

    We may reopen in the future or we may not, however I will have the privilege to say that the only ones who could reopen Zero would be K3kZ or myself. You may see ourselves still wearing the tag but that doesn't mean we're opened, just that we haven't completely left.

    I wish the players that have formed part of the club the best for the future, does not matter if they were there at the moment we closed or not. Thanks!

    ||11.06.17 Edit: The only one who could reopen Zero in a future, would be myself.
    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

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