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      E-Mail Issues

      So, we're still having trouble sending e-mails to:
      Hotmail (or probably any Microsoft mail servers)
      GMail (or probably any Google mail servers)

      For Hotmail, I found a thread where they recommend contacting the support with a form dedicated to such problems. I did that a few minutes ago. I can't tell, how long it's going to take.

      For GMail, I found a fix for a possible source of the problem. I did it and hope we'll be able to send e-mails to GMail and other Google mail servers from now on again. If you know someone with a gmail account waiting for an activation e-mail, tell them to re-request it now and tell me the results here.

      If you have an e-mail account somewhere else than at the above listed services and don't receive e-mails from our system, please report it here.

      Update 1
      Hotmail already responded telling me they had unblocked our IP now. I hope, that was the issue. We'll see.

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