Partyz's Referee Application

    Partyz's Referee Application

    Nickname: Partyz
    Country: Hungary - :flag-hu:

    Referee experience: I haven't been a referee yet, but I've spectated, played a lot of ranked matches and experienced several questionable goals, situations. I believe I could handle those and referee tournament matches and clubwars as well.

    Skype (you can use PM): partymta

    Have you read the needed threads?
    Yes and supporting them. The only thing I'd like to add is to list warnings just like in real football. It might be only me but... I usually meet players who are ramming just for fun and after we warn them they stop doing it for the current match, but tend to do it later on like nothing happened. It's hard to see but sometimes it's obvious that a player was doing it on purpose and we shouldn't forget about it after the match is over.

    Yours faithfully,